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How to Find the Best Influencers for Your Business

How to Find the Best Influencers for Your Business

Influencer marketing is quite popular these days. That is because it is one of the easy ways to grow your business. However, you have to develop the right strategy for this method to work out. In this article, we will discuss how you can find the influencer that will be suitable to work with you and the benefits of influencer marketing. Read on!


Use Social Media

Social media is a powerful medium to promote your business. One can find several influencers in several niches. However, the right influencer for you is the one who works in the same niche as you. Such people could be found on social media by following your brand mentions. Social media monitoring is one of the best ways to track influencers. This process helps you know what other people are talking about a certain brand or topic. For instance, if your brand is related to skincare products, it is best to go with the influencer who talks about them consistently.


Look at Your Followers

If you already have a fan following and want to expand your audience, you can research your followers. A person with a high fan following can help you increase your exposure by talking about your brand on their platforms. One factor to note here is that number should not be your goal. Someone with a little yet engaging audience can help you achieve exposure.


Google Search Alerts

Google search alert is another great way of finding people who talk or write about your niche. This is an easy way to track the influencers on different platforms. Google search alert sends you an email informing you about the keywords or other mentions that have been used related to your niche. This way, you can spot the right people you want to collaborate with.


Influencer Marketing Platforms

You can check different influencer marketing platforms to find a suitable influencer for you. These marketing platforms permit you to track influencers’ databases and filter by niche, approach, audience partaking, social media platforms, and more.

Benefits of Contacting the Influencers


Get Innovative Content

Influencers have great ideas to create content. When you connect with them, you can creatively promote your brand. You can also agree beforehand regarding creating content according to your will.


Gain More Audience

Most influencers are people with a big following and a wide audience. People tend to buy products that their trustworthy person uses. When they talk about your brand on their platforms, more and more people know about your products. This increases the chance of an instant increase in sales.



When brands work with content creators, they generally do not have to spend a lot of pennies. Especially, connecting with micro-influencers can help you promote your business even with a small budget. That is because they are just starting and tend to settle for less. It is a win-win situation for both of you.


Gain More Trust

When a particular influencer mentions your brand on his platform, their audience tends to put their trust in you. It helps you to gain more trust from your current customers as well.


Get Premium Backlinks

When you run a guest blogging campaign, you connect with a large and established audience. This way, you can build your trust by writing high-quality content. Plus, you can get premium backlinks related to your niche.


Gain High Social Shares

One of the benefits of connecting with influencers is getting high social shares. The bigger the influencer’s audience, the more shares you will get. This way, your brand gets featured on several accounts, which finally leads to growth.


Different types of influencer campaigns include:

Before reaching out to the influencer, you need to know your goal. The campaign you want to run for your business will determine which type of influencer will be suitable for you. Here are some types of influencer campaigns:



In this type, you send your product to the influencer as a gift, and they will give you a shoutout in return.


Guest Posting

You will have to write for another blog in the same niche as you in this campaign. It is a great way to attract more audiences.


Sponsored Content

You will have to sponsor the influencers to talk about your product and promote it on their platform.



You have to conduct giveaways through influencers.


Influencer takeover

You have to hand over your account to the influencers of this type.



In such campaigns, you have to provide influencers with an affiliate code to share with their audience.


Discount codes

This campaign works when the influencers share your given code with the audience for promotional purposes, and you have to provide a discount in return.


Brand Ambassadors

In this campaign, you connect with an influencer who promotes your products at different events in exchange for incentives.

Factors to look for the in Influencers

In the process of developing your ideal personal brand, you must also expand your professional circle by networking regularly and effectively. Dress up, look smart, and show up at relevant networking events with the primary aim of making as many valuable contacts as you possibly can. 

How consistent are they?

It is essential to connect with the influencers who are serious about what they do. You can benefit from them only if they are consistent with their content creation.


How much does their audience engage with them?

If the influencers have an organic fan following, they can only benefit you with their promotion. The more audience engages with the influencer, the more you can grow through their platforms.


Do they work in the same niche as you?

It is important to reach out to the influencers who work in the niche related to your brand.


Bottom Line

It does not need a lot of work to find suitable influencers if you use the right strategy. If you still find difficulty growing your business, you can check out our website Lamar G Marketing Tree. We have your back if you are searching for someone who could provide you with marketing strategies. Our team contains knowledgeable marketers who have helped many businesses grow big. They will guide you through creating optimized content, managing your social media presence as a marketer, and advertising your products. Not only that, you will get to know about the trendy topics and work accordingly. 

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